Free Fire OB29 Update Date, Size, Server, Download, Patch Notes

Free Fire OB29 Update Date, Size, Server, Download, Patch Notes, Release date are discussed here. Free Fire OB29 Advance Server details can be checked from here. Garena is going to release the Free Fire OB29 update on 4th August 2021. The exact time for the release of advance server OB29 is not available but it will be released on 4th August 2021 for sure. The new update will bring various new features including new characters, a new pet and various other changes in the game and mechanism.

Free Fire OB29 Update date

Free fire servers will be taken down during the update. It is being shared that from 9:00 AM to 04:30 PM on 4th August, the servers will be taken down for new patch updates. During this period, the Free fire players will not be able to access the game login and will not be able to play it either.

The servers will be taken down by the official purposely as it will make the process of an update really smooth. So, some of the players must be looking for the reason why their Free fire is not opening today. You will be able to access your game after 5 PM on 4th August 2021 with updated features.

FF OB29 Advance Server details

Company Garena
Game Name Free Fire
Patch OB29 Update
Type Advance Server
Update release date 4th August 2021
Release time 10 AM
Advanced Server Link Click Here

Free Fire OB29 Update size

As Free Fire OB29 is going to be launched on 4th August 2021, Various new patches like Lone Wolf Mode, AC80 weapon, Dimitri Character and various other updates will be included. These updates will add up in the previous size of the game. Players are looking for the answer about what will be the size of the Free Fire OB29 update.

If we look at the previous releases, we can assume that the new update size will be at least 500 MB in size for Android devices. After the installation, it will need 2 GB of space on your mobile device. Make sure your mobile phone has enough space to download and install OB29 Advance server. For the iOS devices, the size can go up to 700-800 MB.

Free Fire OB29 Update Advance Server

Free Fire OB29 Advance Server Download

The Free fire advance server download links will be available after 5 PM on 4th August 2021 on the official website of Free fire. The officials are going to provide the download file in the play store also. The players will have to download and install the Free Fire OB29 Update into their phones to play.

The download links will also be updated on this page after the official patch update. You can get the download links from here also. The exact file size and OBB data size will also be updated on this page.

Free Fire OB29 Patch Notes

We are providing you with the earlier Free Fire OB29 patch notes on this page. You can check them below.

Free Fire OB29 Patch notes

If you have any problem while downloading the new patch update from the official portal, Please leave a comment below.

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