Achinta Sheuli Biography, Age, Family, Achievements

Achinta Sheuli biography is a weightlifter from India who participated in the 73-kilogramme weight class. She is a young athlete. In addition to being a two-time winner of the gold medal at the Commonwealth Championships, he also took home the silver medal in the Junior World Weightlifting Championships in 2021. Achinta Sheuli’s biography came from a home of extreme poverty. When their father passed away, he and his brother were required to sew and embroider to contribute to their family’s financial well-being.

Achinta Sheuli Biography

India won another gold medal at the Commonwealth Games 2022, which took place between the 1st and the 8th of August 2022. Monday’s victory brought India its third gold medal and sixth overall, awarded for weight lifting. The athlete of the hour was Achinta Sheuli, who lifted 143 kilogrammes in the snatch event and 170 kilogrammes in the clean and jerk event. He not only succeeded in setting a new record for the game by lifting 313 kg, but he also gave every citizen of his nation a reason to be proud of his accomplishments and share in his sense of accomplishment.

Name Achinta Sheuli
Age 20
Date of Birth 24 November 2022
Birthplace Sulphur, Panchla, Howrah
Nationality Indian
Career Weightlifter
Weight 73 kgs

After him came Malaysia’s Erry Hidayat Mohammad, who lifted 303 kg and won the silver medal, and Canada’s Darsigny, who lifted 298 kilogrammes and won the bronze medal. He finished in third place. The little child has been featured in almost all of the country’s news outlets and has received overwhelming praise and admiration from citizens at all levels of government, including the Prime Minister and the President. On the following page, you’ll find information about Achinta Sheuli’s bio, including details on her age, job, early life, and family, among other topics.

Achinta Sheuli Biography Early Life

Sheuli was born in Sulphur, Panchla, in the Howrah district, to a family that belonged to the lower-middle class. His father, a manual worker, named Pratik Sheuli, died away in April of 2013. He attended Deulpur High School throughout his academic career. Sheuli competed in the Youth National Games held in Haryana and finished in third place. His older brother Alok was always there to encourage and support him in his endeavours. Sheuli won weightlifting competitions at the junior national level in 2013 for 50 kg, which earned her a spot in the Army Sports Institute in Pune the following year (2014).

Achinta Sheuli Biography

Since she was a youngster, Achinta has had difficulty making ends meet. The home that his family shares in Howrah is made of mud and has a tin roof. In most cases, weightlifters need food that is high in nutrients. However, there was not enough food that was high in nutrients in Achinta Shiuli. To get cooked eggs and ghugni at the end of the day, he was required to plant paddy. Achintya was a typical lad who enjoyed playing sports like football and cricket when he was younger. After seeing his older brother compete in weightlifting, Achintya decided to try it.

Achinta Sheuli Career

Achinta had his early education at the location of his birth. He attended Deulpur High School throughout his academic career. In the meanwhile, he began lifting weights in the year 2011. It was after the passing of his father in 2013 that his life seemed to be going in a negative direction. Still, his brother Alok kept Achinta’s interest in weightlifting alive and well. In the latter half of 2014, Achinta competed in the 2014 National Championship. However, he was unsuccessful in bringing home a medal. 

In 2018, he competed in the Asian Youth Championships and brought home a silver medal for the nation. The same year, he triumphed in the Junior Commonwealth Championship, taking the gold medal. As Achinta became the first Indian man to win a silver medal in the Junior World Championship, the fame he was beginning to achieve in the sport skyrocketed. 

Achinta Sheuli Family

The late Achintya Shiuli’s father, Pratik Sheuli, was a rickshaw van driver by trade. Achintya’s father passed away around nine years ago. When Achinta was just 11 years old, her father passed away at 38 from a heart attack. His mother, Purnima Sheuli, worked as a lace maker when she was younger. The profits for the week barely amounted to five hundred rupees. They manage the family in some capacity with this money. However, even this effort did not occur consistently. Alok Shiuli, the older brother of Achintya Shiuli, is now working as a temporary employee with the fire department.

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