Welcome speech for Chief Guest in English?

Welcome speech for Chief Guest

The show’s presenter gives a welcome speech before the start of an event to express their gratitude to the guests for making the effort to attend. A welcome speech should make everyone present feel as if their presence has made it more interesting. Guests should feel as if their presence is required at the event. The start of an event is signalled with a welcoming speech. Many people still have no notion how to offer a chief guest a welcoming address. It is the speaker’s responsibility to greet the audience and give them an overview of the event while providing a welcome speech. The chief guest’s welcome address should begin by presenting the chief guest to the audience, including his or her title, accomplishments, and services to society. We’ve provided examples of both a long and short welcome speech for the chief guest, as well as 10 lines on how to deliver a welcome address to a chief visitor. Students can use these speeches as a guide and take notes on the key themes that should be included in a welcome speech.

Welcome Speech for Chief Guest Sample

Good morning/Evening [Depending Upon The Time] to everyone,

We’ve all met here today to commemorate our 30th annual day function. I am incredibly honoured and grateful for the opportunity to speak to you all on this very momentous occasion. Our annual day’s theme is to inspire students to participate in a variety of activities and demonstrate their talents. You might be passionate about sketching, drawing, or designing. Whatever it is that you are doing today, you have the chance to shine and show the world who you are. Today’s ceremony also honours our school, which has been affecting the lives of thousands of children for the past 30 years.

Many students have graduated during the last 30 years and have contributed to society in some way. Our school has long believed that children are the future leaders who will contribute to the greatness of our country, and we foster that belief. Every year, we hold an annual day. Students from a variety of classes will be recognised for their academic and athletic achievements. Annual day is not just for students who excel in academics and athletics; it also inspires other pupils to improve their grades. I am confident that everyone will grow up to be successful and contribute to the advancement of society. We’ve all assembled here on this yearly day to encourage and inspire young people to show off their abilities and reach their full potential. In 2022, we will give awards to students who have contributed to our school, but we will also host other competitions to help students recognise their areas of strength. Students can participate in this competition and learn and develop themselves in a variety of subjects ranging from art to business. Annual Day is a special day for all of us because, in addition to celebrating a student’s accomplishments, it also recognises our school’s achievements in the fields of education and sports over the last 30 years.

That woman went on to revolutionise the entire ecosystem of how education is delivered in our country. Mrs Vidhiti is the woman I’m referring to. Ma’am has aided numerous pupils in achieving their goals for the past 30 years. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to speak about ma’am and her accomplishments. I’ll do my best to sound as professional as possible, but please don’t hold it against me because I’ve admired Mrs Vidhiti’s work since I was a child. Maam has aided in the establishment of numerous institutions around India that give free education to all students. She also runs a number of non-profit organisations (NGO’s) across the country that help disadvantaged youngsters. Ma’am’s NGO also offers free scholarships to students who desire to continue their education abroad. I’d like to express my gratitude because, like me, many others have received a free scholarship to continue their education. Every everyone is gifted in their own way. Everyone has a passion, hobby, or area of interest. It’s one thing to do well in school or to be a topper, but it’s another to have an inner gift that everyone possesses. Regardless of societal pressure, one should figure out what their passion is and pursue it. The preconceptions that society has constructed must be challenged by the people who live there.

It is a privilege for all of us to welcome you as our principal guest today, and we appreciate you for that, ma’am. Before we begin the programme, I’d like to extend a warm greeting to all of the parents who have always been supportive of our efforts to share knowledge. I’d also like to extend a warm greeting to all of the instructors, students, and support staff that contribute to the success of this institution. I’d want to ask everyone to please work with us during the programme to ensure its success. Last but not least, I’d like to invite our special visitor, Mrs Vidhiti, to light the lamp and begin the programme, and I’d also like to ask ma’am to enlighten the audience with your wise remarks.

It was an pleasure introducing such an inspiring personality. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day ahead.

Introduction Speech for Chief Guest in 1 Minute

Good day to all who are here today. I extend a hearty greeting to everyone who has come to our college’s 25th annual celebration. It’s a momentous day for everyone who has ever been a member of the college, whether they are now enrolled or have previously attended. Our college has accomplished a lot over the last 25 years and has had a positive or negative impact on thousands of people’s lives. It’s a significant day since it commemorates our college’s accomplishments. On this particular occasion, we have invited a special visitor who, despite his busy schedule, was gracious enough to accept our invitation. Ladies and gentlemen please give a round of applause, Mrs Vidhiti, who has worked as a social worker for the past twenty years and has also taught, deserves a standing ovation. She has been conducting non-governmental organisations (NGOs) all across the country that help the needy and allow underprivileged children to attend school. Many students have benefited from the NGO’s ma’am’s free assistance in pursuing careers in various fields. Mrs Vidhiti is an inspiration to many because she has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. She has committed the last 25 years of her life to delivering free education to a large number of kids and ensuring that they have access to all of the resources necessary to help them develop into better individuals. Maam has a track record of accomplishment in a variety of fields.

Maam has been successful in administering her school’s several branches across India. Ma’am founded Little Angels School on March 22, 1997, and for the past 23 years, various schools with the same name have been giving free education to children across the country. For nearly two decades, she has worked to form a portion of society by offering education to many underprivileged youngsters. I am honoured, Ma’am, to be given the opportunity to speak about you and your contributions to society in front of my school. We are grateful to have you at our annual college day function on behalf of everyone. I hope that many students today will be able to benefit from your insights. As we begin the event, I suggest that ma’am come and ignite the lamp and illuminate the audience with the lovely words.

Thank you very much.

Welcome Speech For Chief Guest: Important Points to Remember

When the Formal Event begins, there are a few things to keep in mind that follows:

  • The identity of the principal guest, his or her occupation, and service to society should always be included in the welcome address.
  • A brief introduction of the event should be included in the welcome speech’s start.
  • When giving a speech, it’s crucial to maintain a formal demeanour in front of the audience.
  • Give a brief overview of the event and the most significant items the audience will learn during it.
  • Keep in mind to introduce the reason for gathering for the event and explain the importance of the event.
  • Students will be recognised for their achievements in both academics and sports during this event.
  • The event is also used to recognise the special achievements of the instituion.
  • Also tell the past and history of the institution and also glorify the historical achievements of the institution.
  • We’ve invited a special guest of honour to help us commemorate this momentous milestone.

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Welcome Speech For Chief Guest: FAQs

How do you start a welcome speech?

You should always begin your welcome speech by addressing your audience with a greeting that is appropriate for the setting. If you’re presenting a formal event, say “Good evening ladies and gentlemen,” or “Thank you everyone for arriving on this bright day” if it’s a more casual occasion.

What to say to welcome a guest?

To welcome, always start by saying that, “It is a pleasure to introduce to you our Chief guest”. Then, after the introduction, tell the audience about the achievements of the Chief Guest, and the position the Chief guest id currently serving. Also remember to give Flowers while welcoming the Chief Guest and a Memento while the Chief Guest is leaving.

How do you welcome chief guest on stage in English?

To welcome the Chief Guest on stage, first start by saying that, “It is a pleasure to introduce to you our Chief guest”. Then, after the introduction, tell the audience about the achievements of the Chief Guest, and the position the Chief guest id currently serving. Thereafter, Welcome the Chief Guest to the stage by saying, “Please come on stage and enlighten us with your wisdom and thoughts.

How do you speak to a chief guest?

Use a formal salutation to address the principal visitor, such as Dr./ Mr./ Mrs./ Ms., etc. Before giving the speech, do some research about the guest’s accomplishments and present activities. Finally, the host must express gratitude to the guests and express appreciation for their attendance at the event.

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