Largest State in India by Area and Population 2022

Largest State in India 2022

India is the 7th largest country in terms of area in the world and the second-largest nation in the world in terms of population. India has 8 union territories and 28 states. New Delhi is the capital of India. The largest state of India in terms of area in Rajasthan. Jaipur also known as “Pink City” is the capital of Rajasthan. The Area of Rajasthan is 342,239 Km2, which is 10.4% of the total geographical area of India. Earlier, Madhya Pradesh was the largest state of India. On 1st November 2000, Chhattisgarh is carved out from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh become a separate state. Since then, Rajasthan is considered the largest state in India in terms of area. The largest union territory in terms of population is Delhi, the capital city of India, and the largest union territory in terms of area in Jammu and Kashmir. In this article, we will discuss the largest state in India, that is Rajasthan. Thus, we will discuss the Rajasthan State in detail. Stay tuned and bookmark this page to get all the latest updates.

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Largest State in India by Population

The largest state in India by population in Uttar Pradesh followed by Maharashtra and Bihar. Bhojpuri is a widely spoken language in Uttar Pradesh and the capital of Uttar Pradesh is Lucknow. Lucknow is also known as the City of Nawabs. In terms of area, Uttar Pradesh is in 4th place with an area of 240,928 km2. Taj Mahal, also known as the wonder of the world is situated in Agra which is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is also famous for Mathura, Vrindavan, and Manikarnika Ghat. 

Largest State in India: Literature

Rajasthan has a long legacy of oral storytelling as well as written literature. The most well-known song is “Kurja,” which narrates the tale of a woman who desires to convey a message to her distant husband via a kurja,and khurja is promised a precious prize for his service. The epic poem Prithviraj Raso (or Chand Raisa) by Chand Bardai, the earliest copy of which originates from the 12th century, is particularly important in the literary heritage.


Largest State in India by Area

Here we have given the area of all the states in India in descending order. Also, we have compared the area of all the states with the countries of the world. Check out the list below:

Rank State/UT Area Share (%) Country W rank
(sq km) (sq mile)
1 Rajasthan 342,239 132,139 10.4 Congo, Rep. 65
2 Madhya Pradesh 308,252 119,017 9.38 Oman 72
3 Maharashtra 307,713 118,809 9.36 Oman 72
4 Uttar Pradesh 240,928 93,023 7.33 Uganda 81
5 Gujarat 196,244 75,770 5.97 Senegal 88
6 Karnataka 191,791 74,051 5.83 Senegal 88
UT1 Ladakh 166,698 64,362 5.07 Suriname 91
7 Andhra Pradesh 162,970 62,923 4.96 Tunisia 93
8 Odisha 155,707 60,119 4.74 Bangladesh 93
9 Chhattisgarh 135,192 52,198 4.11 Greece 96
10 Tamil Nadu 130,060 50,216 3.96 Nicaragua 98
11 Telangana 112,077 43,273 3.41 Honduras 103
12 Bihar 94,163 36,357 2.86 Hungary 109
13 West Bengal 88,752 34,267 2.70 Serbia 112
14 Arunachal Pradesh 83,743 32,333 2.55 Austria 115
15 Jharkhand 79,716 30,779 2.42 Czech Republic 116
16 Assam 78,438 30,285 2.39 Czech Republic 117
17 Himachal Pradesh 55,673 21,495 1.69 Croatia 126
UT2 Jammu & Kashmir 55,538 21,443 1.69 Croatia 126
18 Uttarakhand 53,483 20,650 1.63 Bosnia and Herzegovina 126
19 Punjab 50,362 19,445 1.53 Costa Rica 128
20 Haryana 44,212 17,070 1.34 Estonia 131
21 Kerala 38,852 15,001 1.18 Bhutan 134
22 Meghalaya 22,429 8,660 0.682 Israel 149
23 Manipur 22,327 8,620 0.679 Israel 149
24 Mizoram 21,081 8,139 0.641 El Salvador 150
25 Nagaland 16,579 6,401 0.504 Swaziland 156
26 Tripura 10,486 4,049 0.319 Lebanon 164
UT3 A. & N. Islands 8,249 3,185 0.251 Puerto Rico 167
27 Sikkim 7,096 2,740 0.216 West Bank and Gaza 167
28 Goa 3,702 1,429 0.113 French Polynesia 172
NCT Delhi 1,483 573 0.0451 Faeroe Islands 176
UT4 Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu 603 233 0.0183 St. Lucia 187
UT5 Puducherry 490 189 0.0149 Andorra 189
UT6 Chandigarh 114 44 0.00347 Liechtenstein 207
UT7 Lakshadweep 32 12 0.00091 Tuvalu 212


Largest State in India: Monuments

Rajasthan is one of India’s most colorful states and a region of limitless variation. Whether it’s the ‘pink city’ known as Jaipur, the ‘blue’ in Jodhpur, or the ‘golden hues’ in Jaisalmer, the deserted land is covered head to toe in rainbow colors. The state is home to some of the most magnificent and ancient palaces and forts in the country, which are well-kept by the government and past royal families. Professional guides who can enlighten you with wonderful tales of forts and monuments of Rajasthan, these details improve the trip even more. The majority of these palaces and hotels are well furnished with modern amenities. The restaurants in the premises of hotels, palaces, and forts treat tourists with royalty and occasionally have musicians and dancers to amuse them. Check out the list of monuments located in Rajasthan given below in the table: 

Description Location
Adhai-Din-ka-Jhonpra Ajmer
Baori on the Ajmer-Jaipur Road Ajmer
Badshahi Haveli Ajmer
Delhi Gate consisting of one archway Ajmer
Gateway of Taragarh Hill Ajmer
Marble Pavilions and Balustrade on the Ana Sagar Bandh and the Ruins of the Marble Hamman behind the Ana Sagar Bandh Ajmer
Saheli Bazar Buildings in Daulat Bagh Ajmer
Tomb of Allauddin Khan known as “Sola Thumba” Ajmer
Tomb of Abdulla Khan and his wife Ajmer
Tripolia Gate Ajmer
Magazine Building in Akbar Fort Ajmer
Kos Minar erected by Emperor Akbar Ajmer-Jaipur Road
Kos Minar erected by Emperor Akbar Ajmer-Jaipur Road
Kos Minar erected by Emperor Akbar Chhatri
Sarai Chhatri
Kos Minar erected by Emperor Akbar Chugra
Kos Minar erected by Emperor Akbar Hoshiara
Kos Minar erected by Emperor Akbar Hoshiara
Kos Minar erected by Emperor Akbar Kair
Kos Minar erected by Emperor Akbar Khanpura
Mahal Badshahi Pushkar
Bhandasar Jain Temple Bikaner
Jain Temple of Suswani Goddess Morkhana
Siva temple and ruins Arthuna
Mahakal and two other temples Bijolia
Rock Inscriptions (12th century) Bijolia
Rock Inscriptions within the Paraswanath Temple compound (12th century) Bijolia
Ancient temple known as Kaneriki Putali Khadipur village
Wall Paintings of Hardoti School in the palace (Garh Palace) Bundi
Ancient Mound Nainwa
Ancient Mound Keshwarai Patan
Ghateshwar Temple (part of Baroli temple complex) Badoli, Rawatbhata
Kund (part of Baroli temple complex) Badoli, Rawatbhata
Shrinagar Chawri (part of Baroli temple complex) Badoli, Rawatbhata
Temple of Ashtamata (part of Baroli temple complex) Badoli, Rawatbhata
Temple of Ganesh (part of Baroli temple complex) Badoli, Rawatbhata
Temple of Sheshashayan (part of Baroli temple complex) Badoli, Rawatbhata
Temple of Shiv and Kund (part of Baroli temple complex) Badoli, Rawatbhata
Temple of Trimurti (part of Baroli temple complex) Badoli, Rawatbhata
Temple of Vamanavatar known as Narad Temple (part of Baroli temple complex) Badoli, Rawatbhata
Fort of Chittaur as a whole (Chittorgarh Fort) Chittaur
Mahanal Temple & Math Menal
Ancient Ruins Nagari
Hathiwada enclosure with inscription together with adjacent in S.Plot No. 301 (archaeological site of the Hathibada Inscription) Nagari
Archaeological sites & remains Nilodh / Jeora
Ancient Mounds Badopal
Ancient Mounds Bhadrakali
Ancient Mounds Dhokal
Ancient Mounds Manak
Ancient Mounds Munda
Ancient Mounds Peer Sultan
Ancient Mounds Pilibangan
Two Ancient Mounds Mathula
Ancient Mounds Chak 86
Ancient Mounds Bhannar Thedi
Ancient Mounds Binjor
Ancient Mounds Baror
Ancient Mounds Rang Mahal
Ancient Mounds Tarkhanwala Dera
Jain Temple Inscription Baroda
Somnath Temple Deo Somnath
Buddhist Caves and Pillars Binnayaga (Dag)
Caves of Naranjani etc. Binnayaga (Dag)
Ancient Ruins Dalsanagar (Gangadhar)
Ancient Ruins Dudhaliya (Dag)
Buddhist Caves Hathiagor
Buddhist Caves, Pillars, Idols Kolvi (Dag)
Old Temples near the Chandrabhaga Jhalrapatan
Ancient Mound Abaneri
Baori (Chand Baori) Abaneri
Harsat Mata ka Mandir Abaneri
Banjaron ki Chhatri (containing two pillars similar to railing pillars of Bharhut Stupa) Lalsot
Ancient Mound Maheshra
Ancient Mound Raniwas
Ancient Mound Sikrai
Sun Temple Amber
Jama Masjid Amber
Laxmi Narain’s Temple Amber
Sri Jagat Siromani ji temple Amber
Pundrik ji-ki-Haveli Paintings in a room Brahmpuri
Temple containing Fresco paintings Gulta ji
Excavated Site Sambhar
Excavated Site Bairat
Fort including Ancient Temples (Jaisalmer Fort) Jaisalmer
Ancient Site Lodruva Patan
Fort (Mandore Fort) Mandore
Ruins of Temples Ganesh-Ganj or Atru
Yupa Pillars Badwa
Temple (12th century) Baran
Ancient Ruins and Structural Remains Krishnavilas
Old Temples, Statues and Inscriptions Shargarh
Siva Temple and two unpublished Gupta Inscriptions Charchoma
Temple, Fort wall and Statues Dara or Mukandara
Temple with Inscriptions Kanswa
Percian Inscriptions in a Baori Alanpur
Jain Temple Sawai Madhopur
Ranthambhor Fort Ranthambor
Harshnath Temple Sikar
Bisal Deo ji’s Temple Bisalpur
Ancient Mound Bundwali Doongri
Ancient Mound Gariagarh (Newai)
Devapura Barodia Mounds Jhalia
Hathi Bhata Khera
Ancient Mound Nagar
Excavated Site Nagar
Inscription in Fort Nagar
Mand Kila Tal Inscription Nagar
Yupa Pillars in Bichpuria Temple Nagar
Inscription Panwar
Excavated Site Rairh (Newai)
Kala Pahar Temple Todarai Singh
Kalyanrai ji’s Temple Todarai Singh
Laxmi Narainji’s Temple locally known as Gopinathji’s Temple Todarai Singh
Old Baories locally known as Hadirani-ka-kund Todarai Singh
Pipa ji’s Temple Todarai Singh
Akbar’s Chhatri Bayana
Ancient Fort with its Monuments (Bijai Garh/Bayana Fort) Bayana
Brahmabad Idgah Bayana
Islam Shah’s Gate Bayana
Jahangir’s Gateway Bayana
Jhajri Bayana
Saraj Sad-ullah Bayana
Usa Mandir Bayana
Lodhi’s Minar Bayana
Delhi Gate outside the Bharatpur Fort Bharatpur
Fateh Burj near Anah Gate Bharatpur
Jawahar Burj and Ashtadhatu Gateway inside the Bharatpur Fort (Lohagarh Fort) Bharatpur
Moat surrounding the Fort wall (Lohagarh Fort) Bharatpur
Fort walls including Chowburja gate and approach bridges at the Chowburja and Ashtadhatu gates (Lohagarh Fort) Bharatpur
Deeg Bhawans (Palace) Deeg
Looted gun (at Deeg Fort) Deeg
Marble Jholla Deeg
Kaccha Bag Deeg
Chaurasi Khamba temple Kaman
Ancient Mound Malah
Ancient Mound Noh
Collosal image of Yaksha Noh
Lal Mahal Rupvas
Shiva temple Neelkanth
Ancient site (Bhangarh Fort) Bhangarh
Ancient Remains Pandupol
Lal Masjid Tijara
Ancient Ruins Kalyanpur
Sas Bahu Temples Nagda
Fort of Kumbhalgarh as a whole Kumbhalgarh
Ghat with inscriptions pavilions and Toranas (together with adjacent area comprised in S.Plot No. 344). Nav Chowki Rajsamand
Archaeological Sites and Remains Gilund
Babur’s Garden (Charbagh) Dholpur (Jhor)
Jogni-Jogna Temple Dholpur / Sone- ka – Gurja
Shergarh Fort Dholpur
Wall painting in the palaces of Maharaja Gopal Lal Karauli
Haldighati (mountain pass) Dara
Badshahi Bagh Nathdwara
Chetak Samadhi Raktatalai
Rakta Talai Tehsil- Nathdwara
Ruined Palace of Maharana Pratap at Chavand Sarada
Mahal known as Hawa Mahal, Veerpura (Jaisamand) Sarada
Roothi Rani Ka Mahal, Veerpura (Jaisamand) Sarada
Protection of Brahma Temple Pushkar
Fortress known as Medhaji-ka-Mahal Jamwa Ramgarh

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Largest State in India 2022: FAQs

Q. Which is the largest state in India by Area?

The largest state in India by Area in Rajasthan.

Q. What is the Area of Rajasthan?

The Area of Rajasthan is 342,239 Km2 which is 10.4% of the Area of India. 

Q. Which is the largest state in India by Population?

The largest state in India by Population is Uttar Pradesh.

Q.Which is the largest Union Territory in India by Population?

The largest Union Territory in India by Population is Delhi.

Q.Which is the largest Union Territory in India by Area?

The largest Union Territory in India by Area is Jammu and Kashmir.




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