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Job Application Class 12

The letter sent to apply for a job is referred to as a Job application. Job applications are prepared in a very formal, precise, and to–the–point manner. Job application is the principal method of connecting the job seeker with the employer. A biodata is provided to assist the candidate in highlighting her/his credentials and talents. The job seeker gives his or her services in exchange for compensation via the job application. As a result, the job application serves as personal advertising. A job application includes an appeal for the position as well as the job seeker’s personal information such as name, skill set, experience, and qualification.

Job Application & Bio-Data Format

Job applications and bio-data are significant not only in terms of the examination but also in the long run. It is mandatory that the student must follow the right structure when answering the question based on the Job Application. we provide you with the right structure for writing the ideal job application as well as the bio-data. The students can follow this format for writing their Class 12 Term 2 English Job Application question. Check out the Job Application Structure given below: 


1. sender’s address,

2. date,

3. receiver’s address,

4. subject / heading,

5. salutation,

6. Complimentary close.

01 mark
Content 03 marks

  1. grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spelling
  2. coherence and relevance of ideas and style
O2 marks
Total 06 marks

Job Application Sample Letter Examples

Q. Ankush Goyal, a resident of 315, Goal Chouraha, Mumbai reads an advertisement in the newspaper for the requirement of young girls and boys to market the products of a multinational company located in Mumbai. He decides to apply for the same. Write Ankush’s application to the Personnel Manager, Larsen and Turbo Ltd. 365, Badlapur, Mumbai. 

315 Goal Chouraha


20 May 2022

The Personnel Manager

Larsen and Turbo Ltd

365 Badlapur


Dear Sir

Subject: Outdoor Marketing Assistants

I have seen an advertisement in the Times of India on 17th May 2022 for the requirement of Marketing Assistants in your company to market the manufactured products of your company in Mumbai. Since my education qualification matches the profile and I have good communication skills and social skills. Therefore I am the best fit for the Marketing Assistant position. 

I have my own two-wheeler, and I enjoy travelling a lot. I have a good command of English and Hindi both. I have better convincing power. I have heard about your company a lot and I am interested in working with the prestigious Larsen and Turbo Ltd. It would be an honour for me to be connected with your prestigious organisation. I guarantee you my whole attention and cooperation. Waiting for the positive response from your side. 

Yours faithfully

Ankush Goyal

Q. Prepare an application for the position of accountant at Amazon, Hyderabad in response to their advertisement in The Times of India on 21st July 2022. Your name is Priya Bhardwaj. 

37 Bharat Kunj

Habibganj Road


31st July 2022

The Personnel Manager

Amazon Pvt Ltd


Respected Sir

Subject: Application for the post of Accountant

In response to your advertisement in The Times of India on 21st July 2022. I would want to be considered for the above-mentioned post. I believe my educational qualification and experience are sufficient to carry out my responsibilities. I have attached authenticated copies of my certifications. If I will be selected for the given opportunity, I can guarantee you, sir, that I will go to any length to perform my duties honestly and devotedly. I am confident that I will gain the trust of my superiors.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Priya Bhardwaj

Q. Preetam Jain from 27B, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. You want to work as a Marketing Manager for a reputable company in Indore. Send a Job application letter to the Public Relations Officer of Impetus Private Limited in Indore In 125-150 words.

27B, Lajpat Nagar 


28th May 2022

Public Relations Officer

Impetus private limited 


Dear Sir

Subject: Application for the post of Marketing Manager

In response to your advertisement published in The Times of India on 20th May 2022, I would like to express my interest in being one of the applicants. I meet the requirements outlined in your advertisement. RGPV University awarded me an 85 percent grade for my MBA in Marketing Management. I also have two years of job experience with Faang Technologies in Noida. For your convenience, I have sent my certifications and testimonials. 

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Preetam Jain 

Q. You are Sumit Sharma, a Delhi University Science graduate. You’re looking for suitable work. You saw an advertisement in The Hindustan Times looking for young and vibrant fresh graduates to work as sales assistants in a reputable firm. Send your resume to Box No.3695, C/o Hindustan Times, New Delhi.

36, Laxman Nagar

New Delhi

22 May 2022

The Advertiser

Box No. 3695

C/o Hindustan Times

New Delhi


Subject: Application for Sales Assistant position.

In response to your advertisement in Hindustan Times dated 11 May 2022 seeking young and new graduates as sales assistants, I am submitting my resume. I graduated with honours from Delhi University with a B.Sc in Computer. I am a 21-year-old energetic student. I have good health and a pleasant personality. I have a respectable understanding of Hindi and English, as well as persuasive strength and excellent communication abilities. I hope that these criteria qualify me for the respective position. If chosen, I will undoubtedly demonstrate my worthiness for the position.

Yours faithfully 

Sumit Sharma

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Job Application Format Sample for Class 12

Job Application: FAQs

Q. How do I write an application for a job?

We have given the samples on this page. The candidates can take references from the samples given on this page and can write a Job Application. 

Q. Is Job Application an Important Topic for CBSE Class 12 English?

Yes, Job Application is an important topic for CBSE Class 12 English. The students must go through this page to get all the details. 

Q. What is the format of the job application?

We have given the format or structure of the job application on this page. The students must check out this page to get all the details of the Job application. 

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