How to Prepare for NEET after 10th?

How to Prepare For NEET After 10th?

Preparing for NEET just after the 10th shows the determination of students to pursue MBBS from the top medical college in India. If the students start their preparation for NEET with the right strategy and study plan after the 10th they can ace the top NEET in their first attempt. Securing a high rank in NEET necessitates disciplined preparation from the start. Although the Class 10 syllabus is not covered in the NEET, it serves as the basis for what you will study in Classes 11 and 12. The good command over the class 10 subjects will definitely help students to study class 11 and 12 topics which are important for NEET. In this article, we have given the tips to start preparing for NEET after the 10th. 

Steps to Start Preparation for NEET After Class 10th

NEET exam contains three subjects namely chemistry, biology, and physics. This shows that students must concentrate on these subjects in their Class 11 and 12th. Class 11th and 12th are the foundation of the NEET examination. Check the steps to start preparation listed below:

NEET Preparation After 10: Identify Your Weak Areas

While preparing for NEET the students must know their strong and weak areas. The students can give less importance to the strong concepts and more important to the weak concepts. Cracking the NEET exam requires disciplined study, the students must know their weak and strong areas to segregate topics and concepts. 

NEET Preparation After 10: Practice Questions

When you finish a chapter, solve all the questions related to the chapter you have studied. Solve all the questions given at the end of each chapter multiple times to get a good grip. Solving NCERT books will be enough for your board exams but if students want to take their NEET preparation to next level they can solve the practice paper of coaching classes and can solve the previous year’s question paper of NEET to know the exam pattern and difficulty level of questions. 

NEET Preparation After 10: Time Management is the Key 

Remember that time management is essential in NEET. You will not be able to transform your knowledge into marks if you are unable to manage your time correctly, regardless of how academically proficient you are. You can achieve perfection in this skill by practising in a time-constrained environment. Cultivating this habit from the start will make it simpler for you to answer questions in NEET within the estimated optimal time.

NEET Preparation After 10: Have a Good Command Over Concepts 

When you study physics, chemistry, and biology in Class 11 and 12, understand each and every topic properly. Take notes of all the topics you are studying. Your notes will help you to do revisions at the last moment. The students can make sticky notes of complex concepts and they can revise their sticky notes frequently. 

NEET Preparation After 10: Examine Yourself 

Only preparation will not be enough for the NEET examination. The student must assess their preparation by taking tests. In this way, the students can figure out where they are lacking. The tests will help students to take the NEET examination in a given time duration. As the competition is increasing, the students must outperform the competition to crack the NEET examination on their very first attempt. 

NEET Preparation After 10: Prepare a Study Plan 

The students must make a study plan at their convenience. As the students will have school and homework, they must devote at least 2 to 3 hours to NEET solely. The students can study those concepts which are important for their Class 11 and 12 as well as in NEET. The students must not have this thing in their mind that they have ample amount of time for NEET so they will study for NEET later. The students can study for NEET and for their school exams parallelly with a proper study plan. 

NEET Preparation After 10: Make To-do List

With the help of a to-do list, the students can document their time. Also to do list help students to be more focused in their preparation for NEET.  In your to-do list, write all your task from the start of the day and mark on tasks which is completed. If any task is remaining add that task the next day. Try to do all the tasks on the target day, it comes with practice. 

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FAQs on NEET Preparation After Class 10th

Q. How should I start preparing for NEET after 10th?

On this page, we have given all the tips to start preparing for NEET after the 10th. The students must follow all the tips thoroughly and start their preparation for NEET.

Q. Can we prepare for NEET after 10th?

Yes, you can prepare for NEET after 10th. Class 11 and 12 syllabus is the foundation of NEET. If you will study all the concepts of Class 11 and 12 religiously, cracking NEET will be an easy task for you.

Q. Is NCERT enough for NEET?

If you are 10th pass then studying NCERTs is enough. As you get a good hold over NCERT you can purchase the mock test and can check your preparation by taking tests. 


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