CUCET Preparation Tips: How to Prepare for CUCET 2022?

CUCET 2022 Preparation Tips

As competition is increasing day by day, one has to work smarter and harder to beat the competition. CUCET is such an exam that if you don’t have a proper strategy and plan it will be hard to crack the CUCET 2022 exam and all the efforts you made can go in vain if you will study without a plan. Candidates preparing for CUCET 2022 must have all the basic information about the examination and most importantly they must know CUCET 2022 syllabus and exam pattern. To pass CUCET 2022 exam one must make up their mind that they will do all the possible things to crack this examination. To aid in the preparation of students studying for CUCET 2022 we have come up with this article. CUCET 2022 exam requires hard work and consistency without these it will become hard for candidates to get the desired college and program through CUCET 2022. Bookmark this page to get all the latest updates on CUCET 2022 exam.  

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CUCET Preparation: Important Topics

Knowing CUCET 2022 Syllabus will help you understand the subject wise important topics to cover. Go through the CUCET Syllabus  and plan your CUCET preparation accordingly.

Expected Sections Sub-Topics
English Language Comprehensions, Vocabulary, and Grammar
Logical Reasoning Analytical Reasoning and Critical Reasoning
Mathematics Elementary Mathematics (9th, 10th standard)
Other Sections Special sections for certain courses, Current Affairs/ General Knowledge, etc

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CUCET preparation Tips 2022

1. Understand CUCET syllabus

CUCET 2022 syllabus plays a vital role in the CUCET 2022 exam preparation. The first and most crucial step to begin CUCET 2022 exam preparation is to get familiar with all of the major subjects and units included in the CUCET curriculum. Candidates must keep in mind that no important topic is left from CUCET 2022 syllabus. The students must prepare all the topics thoroughly and revise them before the CUCET 2022 exam. Without CUCET 2022 syllabus, students will become directionless, CUCET 2022 syllabus provides clarity of all the topics which will be asked in the CUCET 2022 exam. Thus, candidates appearing in CUCET 2022 must know CUCET 2022 syllabus and prepare accordingly. 

2. Have a Timetable

A proper schedule is required to prepare for CUCET 2022 exam. Without a proper timetable for CUCET 2022 exam, students can’t study efficiently. Candidates can create a timetable based on the CUCET 2022 syllabus to cover all subjects and provide time for review on a daily basis. The students should change their timetable on weekly basis or whenever they lose interest they must revise their timetable. CUCET 2022 timetable must not be monotonous, otherwise, aspirants may lose interest and it may take longer than necessary to finish the curriculum. To finish CUCET 2022 syllabus timely and to plan revision one must religiously follow the timetable. To follow timetable discipline is required, students must stick to their timetable and timely finish all the topics given in the syllabus. 

3. Practice Previous Year Papers

The students must practice the previous year’s paper for CUCET 2022 exam. Previous year paper for CUCET 2022 exam will give clarity to students that which topic is important. The students can analyze the previous year’s trends and they can conclude and mark all the important concepts which are repeatedly asked in the CUCET exam. Thus, students must practice all the previous year’s papers of the CUCET exam. Candidates can also practice JNUEE and DUET sample papers for PG admissions as the CUCET exam pattern is the same as the JNUEE and DUET exams. 

3. Revision is the key

The students should revise what they have studied for better retention. The human brain works on repetition, if students will not revise what they have studied they will forget everything they studied in the coming days. Hence, revision is an integral part of the preparation for the CUCET 2022 exam. Candidates can plan their revision, they can revise on a daily or weekly basis. Candidates can use sticky notes to revise as much as they like. This frequent revision practice will help applicants recall stuff and strengthen their fundamentals. 


4. Focus on Basics

The students must focus on the basics for CUCET 2022 exam, if applicants’ basics are clear then they can understand any complex concept. If the candidates can devote more time to strengthening their basic concepts, it will be easier for them to solve and answer any of the problems. Thus, students must focus on basics, and if they don’t understand any topic they must go through the internet or books and study that topic in detail. This way students can ace CUCET 2022 exam with flying colors. 


3. Stay Motivated 

Motivation is essential for overcoming any obstacle, even an admission exam. Motivation helps students to study boring topics and to be disciplined, no matter what the situation is. The students must be motivated while preparing for CUCET 2022 exam. Students can also meditate for a while and can do exercise to stay active for a whole day. 

These are some of the top CUCET exam preparation suggestions. The students must follow all the tips given on this page religiously to get the best out of it. Only reading tips will not work, students must take action and inculcate these tips in their daily life to pass CUCET 2022 exam with flying colors and to get admission to their desired college. 

CUCET 2022 Preparation Tips for Revision

  • Identify all the important topics that you need to focus on again.
  • Make a good strategic plan to cover those topics.
  • Revise the subject wise topics of the subject that you find more difficult first.
  • You can then go for Adda247 Mock Papers. This will help you in managing the time.
  • Go through the Last 3 year previous year question paper, and find out the important topics/questions.
  • Try to understand the exam pattern of the paper.
  • Keep revising the important topics which are your strength before the exam exam day.

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CUCET Preparation Tips: FAQs

Q. Is it Easy to crack CUCET 2022 Exam?

CUCET 2022 is an easy exam if one can prepare with hard work and smart work. As competition has increased, the students have to be better than the best to lead the competition.

Q. Can I crack CUCET 2022 in 1 month?

If your concepts are clear for all the subjects then yes you can clear CUCET 2022 exam in a month. 

Q. Is CUCET harder than JEE Main?

Both are national-level exams and the level of both the exams are the same. But through CUCET 2022 exam students can get admission in PG programs while through JEE students can get admission in B.Tech and other undergraduate programs so CUCET 2022 is a bit more difficult than JEE Main in this aspect. 

Q. What are the five tips to crack CUCET 2022 exam?

  1. Have a Timetable
  2. Understand CUCET syllabus
  3. Focus on Basics
  4. Revise frequently
  5. Stay Motivated

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