10 Useful Tips to score a 95+ in Class 10th Maths Exams

Tips for Class 10th Maths 

Maths need practice, one can not get good marks with rote learning. The students must understand the subject in order to get good marks in maths. Maths is a subject which can fetch you either 0 marks or full marks, zero marks if you study maths with rote learning and you mug up all the questions but did not understand them and full marks when you understand all the concepts and practice them as much as you can. CBSE has reduced the syllabus due to the spread of coronavirus, the student’s studies got affected and students did not get proper classes to study the entire syllabus. Thus, if students did not know the syllabus, then they must download the Class 10th Maths syllabus and go through it. In this article, we have discussed the useful tips to pass Class 10th Maths with flying colors. Bookmark this page to get all the related articles. 

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10 Tips for Class 10th Maths Revision

1. Here we have given tips for Class 10th Maths. The students must read all the tips and follow them because it won’t make sense if students will only read these tips and will not use these tips then their efforts of reading these tips went in vain and it doesn’t add any value. 

 2. Know your Maths Syllabus and Exam pattern: Before starting preparation for Class 10th Maths, the students must know their exam pattern and syllabus. Because syllabus has little reduced and exam pattern has changed after the spread of the pandemic. The syllabus provides focus and clarity of the subject. Thus, before starting preparation for Class 10th Maths the students must know the Maths syllabus and Exam pattern. 

 3. Make a Schedule: The students preparing for any exam must have a schedule. If you use a schedule, you will have clarity that what you will do the whole day, you will be more productive and you won’t waste time thinking about what should you study. Thus, document every day and try to complete all the targets you have assigned for a particular day.

4. Make a Formula Copy: The students must have a formula copy of maths handy with them, all the important formulas must be written in that copy. It will help students to revise all the formulas and it will save their time a lot. Students can also write formulas on small sticky notes and they can paste them on the wall, this way they can revise formulas daily. 

5. Practice: Maths is all about practice, the students must not compromise with practicing all the units given in the maths book. The more you practice, the more you will get a grip on maths, thus, practice is really important. The students must try a variety of maths problems, they must not solve the same maths problems. Solving a variety of problems will give confidence to students and it will help them in the main examination. 

6. Solve Previous Year Papers: By solving previous year class 10th maths papers the students will understand the exam trend and will be able to identify which topic is important and which is not important for the exam. By solving the previous year’s math papers the students will also be able to understand the difficulty of the exam. Thus the students must solve at least 5 years papers. 



7. Proper Revision: The students must revise what they have learned so far in their preparation for class 10th maths. Revision is important otherwise we tend to forget concepts easily if we skip revision. The students must revise at least 3 to 4 times the whole syllabus before the final examination. During revision, the students must give special attention to the topics which hold high weightage. 

8. Take Proper Breaks: It is difficult for the students to study if he or she sits in one spot and try to focus. Students are advised to take small breaks while studying. Getting 10-15 minutes of exercise in between study sessions can help you keep healthy, active, and mentally prepared for exams.

9. Group Study: It’s always more enjoyable to study with a bunch of friends. Listening and speaking are always beneficial to learning. Group study aids in the faster understanding of class 10th maths and students will get a proper environment of competition while studying in groups. In addition, uninteresting topics will become more engaging in group study sessions, allowing students to lengthen their study schedule.

10. Write Neat and Clean Answers: After all of the Class 10th maths exam preparation, the moment has arrived for the answer in the final examination to represent the hard work. The students must write answers step by step with proper spacing. Students must use the right approach and plan to write the best answers and finish the exam on time. The students must pick questions that they know very well and answer them. Make the most of the 15 minutes of reading time given before beginning the exam. 

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Tips for Class 10th Maths: FAQs

Q. Is class 10 maths difficult?

No, Class 10th maths is not difficult. Average students or below-average students can pass the exam with flying colors if they use the proper strategy and implement it. 

Q. How many hours should I study maths in Class 10?

Daily 2-3 hours of study for class 10th maths can fetch good marks in the final examination. 

Q. Is maths class 10 easy?

Yes, Class 10th maths is easy and every exam is easy if you do hard work and smart work. 

Q. Is RD Sharma Good for Class 10?

Yes, RD Sharma is very much useful for maths. The students studying in class 10th must use RD Sharma for maths. 

Q. Will following the tips given above ensure that I get a good grade?

Yes, strictly adhering to the guidelines outlined above will help you achieve a high score in Class 10th Maths. 

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